Jerrold Tarog Completes His Camera Trilogy With SANA DATI

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Jerrold Tarog Completes His Camera Trilogy With SANA DATI
Though best known as a horror filmmaker, Filipino helmer Jerrold Tarog has also won acclaim with the first two installments of his 'camera' trilogy. Indie dramas revolving around characters who use cameras in their everyday lives, the camera trilogy comes to a conclusion this year with Tarog's Cinemalaya entry Sana Dati.

Beautifully photographed and boasting what look to be quite strong performances, the first trailer for Sana Dati has arrived and promises something quite different from what we've come to expect from the Philippines: a romantic drama that refuses to pander either to the mainstream cineplex crowd or the ultra low budget indie aesthetic and lands someplace really quite interesting.

Check the trailer - English subtitles included - below.
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