BORGMAN Picked Up By Drafthouse Films

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BORGMAN Picked Up By Drafthouse Films
Speak of the devil! Alex van Warmerdam's film Borgman may not have won any of the big awards in Cannes, but it did score itself a distributor for North America. And that distributor is Drafthouse Films.

Quoting Drafthouse Films founder and CEO Tim League in today's press release:

"Maybe once a year, I am deluged after a premiere with texts and emails to the effect of 'this is such a Drafthouse movie', (...) it's strange, disturbing, hysterical and utterly unique. Borgman is THE quintessential Drafthouse film of Cannes. We can't wait to share it with audiences in North America."

Brian Clark saw the film and wrote a very positive review, while several ScreenAnarchistss had put their money on Borgman winning the Palme d'Or.

In the film, a homeless stranger, who may or may not be the Devil, manages to become a guest in the house of a wealthy family. Once there, he proceeds to disrupt the lives of all members of the family in devious, often subtle ways...

Borgman is planned to be released in the US in 2014, theatrically and on VOD.
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