An Intriguing Tease For Mikhail Red's REKORDER

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An Intriguing Tease For Mikhail Red's REKORDER
Someone's caught something on tape that they weren't meant to. And there are going to be consequences. It's a simple place to begin but sometimes the simplest concepts are the most effective and Mikhail Red's Cinemalaya feature Rekorder is definitely intriguing.

REKORDER tells the story of a former 1980's film cameraman who currently works as a movie pirate operating in present day Manila. He routinely smuggles a digital camcorder into movie theaters in order to illegally record films. One night he records something else... And the footage goes viral.
Though very brief, a first teaser has arrived online and it promises something unique. Take a look below.

REKORDER Teaser from Pamela Llanes Reyes on Vimeo.

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