Paramount Picks Up Mason/Boyes Penned Sci-Fi Flick EQUINOX

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Paramount Picks Up Mason/Boyes Penned Sci-Fi Flick EQUINOX
We have been longtime supporters of the work of Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, even hosting their podcast when the lads first moved to big, scary L.A. to further their film careers. The duo have been near inseparable, 

Paramount Pictures has optioned their next script, a sci-fi pic titled Equinox. There are no details given about the script but sources describe the project as "Dead Calm in space."

For those of you keeping score at home, this is the second Dead Calm reference to a project in as many days. Last week, we announced the project A Distant Shore, which was described as being in the same vein as the 1989 film. So. Washing Nicole Kidman's hair has had more of a lingering effect then I first believed. 
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