Watch: Brutal Trailer for Wartime Horror Film THE SEASONING HOUSE

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Watch: Brutal Trailer for Wartime Horror Film THE SEASONING HOUSE
After playing to strong reviews at Sitges and FrightFest, The Seasoning House, directorial debut of British special effects maestro Paul Hyett (The Descent, The Woman in Black), is set to hit UK theaters sometime in 2013 thanks to Kaleidescope Films Distribution. In the meantime, we've got the official, ultra-violent trailer, in which an abused deaf mute wreaks vengeance upon a cruel brothel during a military conflict in the Balkans. Alternate title suggestion: I Spit on your Tank.

Here's the synopsis from the Variety story about Kaleidescope's acquisition of the film:

The Seasoning House follows a deaf mute orphan, living in a house where young girls are bought and sold for men's pleasure, who sets out to exact revenge for the death of her friend.
While our own James Marsh wasn't totally on-board with the script at FrightFest, he still found that the film "frequently delivers an oppressive, unsettling atmosphere, memorable death sequences and a confidence behind the camera..."
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