100 BLOODY ACRES Shreds Key Art

Contributing Writer; Melbourne, Australia
100 BLOODY ACRES Shreds Key Art
One of the highlights at the just-finished Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) this year was undoubtedly Colin and Cameron Cairnes' unhinged horror comedy 100 Bloody Acres. A perfect festival experience and one to see in a big midnight crowd, the movie brings the gore and jokes thick and fast, and should also see success when it's released in cinemas next year. 

100 Bloody Acres stars Angus Sampson (Last seen as Tucker the paranormal investigator from Insidious) and Damon Herriman (fast-rising in the US thanks to roles in Justified, J. Edgar and the upcoming Lone Ranger) as two yokel brothers who run an organic fertilizer business in country Australia. Trouble starts when one of the brothers decides to help three stranded travellers who are on their way to a music festival, but his good intentions quickly go off the rails. As the MIFF programme says

When three young suburbanites head off to a music festival in the country, a car breakdown is all they need. Thankfully, help is at hand in the form of local organic fertiliser trader Reg, who stops and invites the partygoers to wait for help back at the farm he runs with his brother, Lindsay. But is Reg a good Samaritan or a good businessman? With a big order pending and the brothers seeking to improve their product, will the three youths find themselves pushing up daisies?

This is a film best experienced than described so make sure to seek it out if it plays at a festival near you. In the meantime check out the bloody key art and enjoy. 
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