We Have 2 Pairs Of Passes To SAYA SAMURAI, Asian Film Festival of Dallas Centerpiece Film!

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We Have 2 Pairs Of Passes To SAYA SAMURAI, Asian Film Festival of Dallas Centerpiece Film!
I tried this on Twitter, but there is a time crunch and I want you guys to get a chance to win!

The Asian Film Festival of Dallas has graciously offered up two pairs of passes to their Centerpiece film, Hitoshi Matsumoto's Saya Samurai (Scabbard Samurai). Matsumoto's Symbol was a massive hit at the fest a few years back, and we're always eager to see new material from the guy, though this film is apparently very different in tone.

All you need to do to win is send me an e-mail no later than Saturday afternoon saying that you want these tickets!  Saya Samurai is nearly sold out, as are many of the special screenings, so if you don't already have tickets, this may be the only way to get them!

Send me your request to josh [at] screenanarchy.com and I'll choose two random winners on Saturday to pass along to the festival organizers.

We love AFFD and they love us, so I want to thank them again for this great opportunity, and I hope to see some Dallas readers out at the festival this week!
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Send your requests to josh [at] twitchfilm.net!

More about Saya Samurai

Mr. CavinJuly 12, 2012 5:47 PM

I saw this movie the other day and recommend it wholeheartedly. It's a little too broad and a little too repetitive, at times, but it mostly has plenty of perfect moments making up for all of that, easily. It's quite funny (and goofy) and all the performances are wonderful. The graphic above is some kind of boneheaded attempt to make this movie seem like a poignant after school special, but the tone is more akin to a wacky comedy. So picture a nosebleeding anime samurai with a hilariously shouting daughter instead. That's the movie you want to win tickets for, right?