First trailer for Wilson Yip's MAGIC TO WIN

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First trailer for Wilson Yip's MAGIC TO WIN
It looks like martial arts fans' love affair with Wilson Yip is going to continue through its rocky period for the foreseeable future. After delighting fans around the world, and picking up thousands of new ones, with SPL, FLASHPOINT and two fantastically entertaining IP MAN biopics, Yip then decided to indulge his CGI sweet tooth with an ill-advised remake of A CHINESE GHOST STORY, which - as was the case with DRAGON TIGER GATE back in 2006 - all but buried some good fighting under a mountain of computer generated smoke and mist. 

Yip, however, clearly wants to spread his wings and in an industry packed to the gills with suffocating, jingoistic political epics, I'm not going to hold it against him that he's not racing back to make more period action films. That said, the trailer for his new film MAGIC TO WIN doesn't instill much confidence in me. Proclaiming itself "the last blockbuster of 2011" and boasting a cast that includes Wu Jing, Wu Chun, Louis Koo and Raymond Wong, something tells me we should ready ourselves for a goofy comedy about duelling magicians...with lots of CGI.

Never one to prejudge, the film might very well turn out to be Yip's masterpiece, but based solely on what we can see below, I think it's safe to say this will be little more than a lightweight confection. I'm more worried about his next film - MODEL MOM: "a classic tale of identity switching, where a pair of twins - a super model and a young mother - swap roles, getting themselves mixed into the worlds of fashion photography and family obligations." 
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