The Karate-Robo Returns In HANG IN THERE! ZABORGAR!

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The Karate-Robo Returns In HANG IN THERE! ZABORGAR!
Ladies, be warned. Should your pants ride low enough to expose the top of your panties you may find yourself in trouble with a certain karate fighting robot.

Noboru Iguchi's Karate-Robo Zaborgar has won a lot of love on the international festival circuit and with the Japanese DVD release coming soon a series of Zaborgar short films has just arrived online.

Titled Hang In There! Zaborgar! these new shorts feature the titular robot hero being sent on brief missions and while they do not currently exist with English subtitles - we're assured subtitled versions will be included on the US DVD and BluRay releases - you really don't need any. This is a Noboru Iguchi film, after all. If you like robots, boobs, bums and silly jokes you're all set. Check them out below.
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