MORTAL KOMBAT Headed Back To The Big Screen

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MORTAL KOMBAT Headed Back To The Big Screen
Well, you can consider that a rousing 'Mission Accomplished!' for director Kevin Tancharoen.

Evidently unsatisfied with a career spent directing things like Fame and the Glee concert movie and a huge fan of the Mortal Kombat video game series, Tancharoen last year shot a short film that gave the franchise a dark and gritty new look in hopes of convincing the powers that be to let him make a feature. It got their attention but not enough to go full bore, so everyone involved signed up to create a ten part web series - Mortal Kombat Legacy - instead. Fifty million viewers later, Mortal Kombat is headed back to the big screen with Tancharoen at the helm.

The film is still in the development stages with no script yet in place but expect all of the key creative team from Mortal Kombat Legacy to return.
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