Schwarzenegger May CRY MACHO But Only If Someone Wants To Pay For It

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Schwarzenegger May CRY MACHO But Only If Someone Wants To Pay For It
The internets were all abuzz this weekend that Arnold Schwarzenegger has settled on his next project, an action drama titled Cry Macho to be directed by Lincoln Lawyer helmer Brad Furman. The niggling bits that people seem to be neglected in all of these stories, however, is that Schwarzenegger is already reported to be attached to Kim Jee-woon's The Last Stand and that Cry Macho doesn't actually have any money in place yet. None. Nada. A point that is glossed over with statements that the producers intend to finance the film through pre-sales in Cannes, and while they very well may succeed in doing just that the simple fact is that nobody can say when this movie is going to go ahead until there's actually money in the bank, thus making all the "It's Arnold's big return!" claims absolutely pointless.

The reality right now is that nobody really knows what Schwarzenegger is going to do. Clearly there are multiple producers with multiple projects clamoring for his attention with each one trying to make the most noise and turn perception into reality. But that's nothing new when it comes to a major star and I'm surprised so many people are being so gullible and playing along.

The real news right now - the only thing that's actually tangible - is that with Schwarzenegger's interest in a couple projects now public we can see what sort of direction he wants to take his career and, clearly, he wants to actually be an actor rather than just a muscle bound action hero. While Stallone is reviving old characters and creating new ones in old molds, Schwarzenegger - Terminator rumors aside - is looking to ally himself with quality directors in roles that allow him to play his own age in a more realistic fashion.

Cry Macho, should it happen, would cast Schwarzenegger as a down on his luck, out of work, former horse trainer who is hired to kidnap his former boss' son in the midst of a custody battle. Which, I think we can agree, is a far cry from blowing stuff up and a much more appealing proposal than the early talk of Predator remakes and the like.
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