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When it comes to director Shaky Gonzalez you basically need to disregard everything you think you know about Danish cinema. Because, you know, he's a director based in Denmark and his name is Shaky. Gonzalez. This should tell you that he's a little bit different.

In all seriousness, Gonzalez has been a cinematic outside in his homeland for years now, working largely outside of the established studio and support system to pursue his love of genre based film. His 2007 effort Pistoleros got a fair bit of press here - I'm actually quoted on the US DVD cover - while back in 1998 he cast a young up-and-comer named Mads Mikkelsen in action-horror picture Angel Of The Night.

And now he's at it again with horror comedy The Last Demon Slayer.

A throwback to the genre-mashing horror films of the 80s the film follows seven holy warriors from around the globe on a centuries long quest to track and kill a fearsome demon. Their quest will take them from the viking age until modern times when - true to the title - only one Demon Slayer will be left standing.Dennis Haladyn, David Sakurai, Daniell Edwards, Hector Mauricio Vega, Erik Holmey and Maja Muhlack star.

Freshly into production a few on set shots leaked to the press but we've now got the first official shots for your perusal in the gallery below.
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