FOUR LIONS Puts A Box On A Jihadist Head.

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FOUR LIONS Puts A Box On A Jihadist Head.
Alamo Drafthouse founder Tim League does things a bit differently. Things like giving himself a bright pink mohawk and then boxing a famous actress. So it should come as no surprise that now that he's venturing into theatrical exhibition he's doing that a bit differently, too. Sure, everybody releases video clips for their films. That's nothing new. But Tim has decided that the best way to promote Chris Morris' Four Lions is to show you things that aren't actually in it. I presume the idea is that you'll be left thinking something along the lines of "My god, if something as funny as that got cut out how funny must the stuff still in there be?" And so I present something which is not in Four Lions, namely a jihadist with a box on his head.
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via the mighty Devin Faraci and his newly launched - but no less mighty - Bad Ass Digest

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