TROLL 2 Coming To BluRay!

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TROLL 2 Coming To BluRay!
So legendarily bad it has become the subject of its own award winning documentary - Best Worst Movie - cult film fans will soon be able to experience Troll 2 in glorious high resolution as it hits BluRay (and DVD, too) October 5th.

Joshua Waits has been warned by his grandfather's ghost that his family is about to embark on a dangerous vacation to the town of Nilbog.  Although he tries to stop them, Joshua fails to make his parents see that there is something suspicious about the town.  The residents are extremely friendly, but are constantly trying to feed the Waits with strange, green delicacies.  Joshua soon realizes that the town of Nilbog is actually "goblin" spelled backwards, and that his family has been lured into a trap.  With the help of Grandpa Seth, Joshua must save his family from being turned into vegetables and devoured by the vegetarian goblins!
A decidedly non-high res trailer lurks below.

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