A Singapore documentary film is coming our way very soon, which explores the history and legends behind one of Singapore's infamous locations. Mention the name Old Changi Hospital here and you'll easily get a plethora of supernatural tales. The site's still standing, and it still is creepy even though you're just driving by. In broad daylight. For those unfamiliar, this hospital was built in the 1930s, and was used during WWII when Singapore was under Japanese occupation as a POW camp complete with torture chambers. Spirits of different races and nationalities have been claimed to be seen wandering the premises especially at night. According to the producer Sheena Chung, the crew had gone in and spent a night at the site with various cameras and captured plenty of strange happenings on film and audio tape. The crew got really sick after the night shoot, with the soundman was down and out for a week. Sheena herself had seen some of the footage and attests its frightening bits, from what she had gleaned so far during post production. Could this film be our very own Blair Witch equivalent? You decide...
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