Details Emerge on MOON Director Duncan Jones' SOURCE CODE

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Details Emerge on MOON Director Duncan Jones' SOURCE CODE
Fans of intelligent science fiction, take heart in the news that the recent wave will continue with Moon's Duncan Jones bringing Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga, and Michelle Monaghan to Ottawa to shoot the upcoming Source Code.

Gyllanhaal will play a soldier investigating a terrorist bombing on a train via a rather unusual method: by having his consciousness continually looped into the minds of different passengers on the train, experiencing and re-experiencing the events over and over from different perspectives until he is able to put the complete picture together.

Why shoot in Ottawa, you ask?  Simple ... rather than build a set, they're using the city's train station, a noted piece of architecture awarded landmark status thanks to its futuristic design.  I've never taken the train to Ottawa but suddenly I kind of want to.

Anyway, between this, Rian Johnson's Looper, Christopher Nolan's Inception, and low budget, lo-fi efforts like Phasma Ex Machina there's plenty of pleasingly high concept stuff in the pipeline right now ...
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