New Set of Posters for 錦衣衛 (14 Blades)

New Set of Posters for 錦衣衛 (14 Blades)
Ohh... pretty.

Sina just released five new posters for Daniel Lee's upcoming Ming dynasty actioner 錦衣衛 (14 Blades), featuring the top five characters - Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Wu Chun of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit, Qi Yuwu and Kate Tsui. The film had a press conference yesterday in Hong Kong, announcing the upcoming February 11 release, and apparently showing a new four minute trailer (we'll put it up once it hits the Chinese portals, which should be soon).

I'm not too sold on the black and white on top, but the bottom sort of makes up for it. There you have it, only a couple of months until this debuts, so we might get a DVD before Easter of next year.
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