Hear the Soundtrack to Wes Anderson's Latest!

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Hear the Soundtrack to Wes Anderson's Latest!
No, not Fantastic Mr. Fox (more on that later), but The Cloud Photographers!

Haven't heard of that one? Well, that could be because the film doesn't actually exist. 

Dreamt up by Nicholas Guewitch, the artist responsible for the funniest website to ever grace the Internet (Perry Bible Fellowship), The Cloud Photographers is a hypothetical Wes Anderson film about a de-revolutionary group called RAMRAT (The Royal Association for the Military Reclamation of American Territories). It stars Alec Guiness (apparently re-animated for the role) as a senile ex-war general and features an eclectic soundtrack typical of the auteur: some British Invasion, some classical, some classical arrangements of British Invasion, etc. 

With The Cloud Photographers Guewitch has created a wonderful and authentic homage of Anderson's musical tastes arranged in filmic sequence, so we can all mentally fill in the "movie" to accompany the music. 

Have a listen.

And for those seeking somewhat less conceptual developments in the world of Wes Anderson, the LA Times have run a story about the director's less then fantastic behavior on his highly anticipated retro-stop-motion adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic The Fantastic Mr. Fox. According to the crew, Anderson directed the London stop-motion team at Three Mills Studios over a computer in Paris and they were none too pleased about it. That Anderson has also been very demanding of the animation team in capturing a very particular and difficult retro aesthetic didn't help quell crew grumbling. According to the animation director Mark Gustafson: "He has made our lives miserable."

While there is plenty of precedent to directors staying out of the way of animation and effects crews, Anderson's absence on-set does seem a bit odd and perhaps not the best way to instill positive morale during such a difficult shoot. However, rarely is a film made where someone in the production isn't pissed off about something and I can think of several troubled productions that ended with pretty spectacular results. No reason to write Mr. Fox off yet.

And on the even brighter side, there's no way The Cloud Photographers will disappoint anyone.
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