Jasper Sharp's Japanese Film Screening Program for London's Raindance 2007 ( Sept. 25th - Oct. 7th).


tachigui.jpgIncluding a spectacular chance to catch several very recent Ryuichi Hiroki projects on the big screen, Sundance's 2007 Japanese Films offer the much admired and still relatively little-seen festival favourite 'It's Only Talk' (Sun Oct 7th), plus a film about to hit the screens in Japan in the form of 'M' (Wed Oct 3rd) which stars 'Vibrator' main man Nao Omori, and his superb looking documentary 'Bakushi' (Thurs Oct 3rd).

Now, if that's not enough to get your juices flowing, Mamoru Oshii's 'Tachiguishi' appears (Wed Sept 26th), as do a few projects I've now got to take some time to look into - Masao Adachi's 'Prisoner / Terrorist' (Sat Oct 6th), Toru Hano's 'Thunderfish' (Tues Oct 2nd), pink film 'Uncle's Paradise' (Mon Oct 1st), Kichitaro Negishi's 'What the Snow Brings' (Sat Sept 29th) and 'Yokohama Mary' (also Sat Sept 29th) by Takahiro Nakamura. It does look superb, so if you are relatively local I would grab this chance by the horns, and if you can afford to take time out to spend a little time down that way, you're certainly in a better position than I am...

You can read reviews, find the odd link, and book tickets for each of these screenings at the Raindance links I provide below. Enjoy.

Mamoru Oshii's 'Tachiguishi' Information at Raindance; Trailer at YouTube.

Ryuichi Hiroki's 'Bakushi' Information, 'It's Only Talk' Information, 'M' Information at Raindance'; 'M' Trailer at Youtube.

Masao Adachi's 'Prisoner / Terrorist' Information at Raindance.
Touru Hano's 'Thunderfish' (aka 'Raigyo') Information at Raindance.
Shinji Imaoka's 'Uncle's Paradise' Information at Raindance.
Kichitaro Negishi's 'What the Snow Brings' Information at Raindance.
Takahiro Nakamura's 'Yokohama Mary' Information at Raindance; Trailer at Youtube with English Subtitles.

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