Yam Laranas' Lazarus Online!

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I've been talking to anyone who will listen for quite a while now, going on at length about what a phenomenal talent behind the camera Filipino cinematographer / director Yam Laranas is. I think his film Sigaw - my review here - is a horribly overlooked piece of work, though the upcoming English language remake (also directed by Laranas) should go far to change that. But the man's been a tease with his work sinse Sigaw, dropping hints about a documentary he's shooting (has shot?) for National Geographic, prepping his upcoming feature The Wanting and sitting in the producer's chair for some other worthy folk with nary a shot of his own new material appearing anywhere. Until now.

A new short by Laranas titled Lazarus has just appeared online. Here's the kicker. Laranas was brought in to test run a new generation of video phones by Nokia and this is the result. Yes, he shot this fast and cheap. On a phone. And it looks fantastic.

Lazarus (streaming Real Video)

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