Hot Docs Report: 37 Uses for a Dead Sheep REVIEW

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37 uses for a dead sheep, you say? I can only think of one, and once I’ve done that I’ll be pretty sleepy, so I wouldn’t be any good for the other 36 anyway.

That’s a joke, by the way.

I’ll be honest, though – this film does feel like a bit of a cheat really, as it doesn’t explain the 37 uses for a dead sheep until the credits roll. And even then, at least half of them remain in a different language. If we ignore the misleading title, 37 Uses for a Dead Sheep is an interesting potted history of the Pamir Kirghiz people and their travels, using the Kirghiz people themselves in re-enactments.

There’s also some dead goat polo, which was conceivably a better title.

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