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Though the San Francisco International Film Festival doesn't begin rolling for another few days we've got a man inside and he's hard at work hitting advance screenings and putting together his thoughts on what's worthwhile and what's not. Big thanks to Michael Guillen for his in depth coverage, which you will also find on his own site, The Evening Class.

Jay Weissberg's Variety review states Eden misses its mark even as Weissberg concedes that it won the Lions Award and the Tiscali Audience Award at its world premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival earlier this year. Two awards and nearly 10,000 Euros: Who to believe?

Even German director and writer Michael Hofmann stated in an interview after his win, "I truly love my film, but I worried it might be a bit on the long side. Though no matter how often I watched it, that love remained. Some of the people I screened it to in Germany had some criticism, so I started to have some doubts too. But the audience decides. That's the magic of cinema."

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