Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod a.k.a Gloomy Sunday



Without a doubt one of the most beautiful and haunting films from the last decade Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod is shrouded in mystery just as much as the true story surrounding the original song is. Inspired by the notorious song by Hungarian pianist Rezs├┤ Serres Gloomy Sunday became an instant hit in pre-war Budapest prompting hundreds of people to commit suicide.
This is a beautiful, beautiful film to behold. Unfortunately like so many other foreign productions a R1 release(s) (or any R2 English friendly release for that matter) are not available. There is however a HK R3 DVD that offers English subs sadly with a non-anamorphic image that leaves plenty to be desired. Perhaps one day the beautiful German transfer will appear on our shores. Until then I URGE you to see this film...even if that means putting up with the HK transfer.

Official site of the R3 release and a trailer:

Read more about the true story of Gloomy Sunday:


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