First Batch of Fantasia Titles Announced!

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Fangoria's got the scoop on the first batch of titles announced for this year's Fantasia Festival in Montreal and the lineup looks good. Paul Spurrier's P, Godzilla: Final Wars, Rinjin 13, and Some are all among titles announced already, along with news that the director of In China They Eat Dogs will be there ... Olsen's had two films released this past year, so I would imagine that at least one of The Collector or The Good Cop will be there as well.

I can say for certain that A Wicked Tale and Tadanobu Asano's directorial debut - it's a short film and I know I've seen the title, but I can't find it right now - will also be there. Nice.

*** UPDATE ***

Got a trailer on one of those Olsen films and it looks awesome ... both films star Kim Bodnia (Harald from In China They Eat Dogs) and Iben Hjele (y'know ... the rather attractive woman from High Fidelity) and you could put together a much worse cast than that. Inkasso (The Collector) trailer here. There's supposedly an official site for The Good Cop here, but it won't load for me ...

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