Live Action Saikano In The Works

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I realize it's been awhile since I've posted to the ol' ScreenAnarchy, but I saw this and just couldn't resist. AnimeOnDVD and Anime News Network are both reporting that a live action version of Saikano, aka She, The Ultimate Weapon is in the works and set to be released sometime in 2005. Saikano follows the burgeoning relationship between two awkward high school students, and what happens when one of them is revealed to be a deadly cyborg created by the government. I've seen a couple of episodes, and it's pretty decent dramatic stuff (as might be expected from a company like Gonzo), if highly overwrought and melodramatic.

So what's the big deal? Well, Aki Maeda has been cast in the lead role of Chise, the titular "ultimate weapon". Maeda is probably best known to ScreenAnarchy readers for her role as Noriko Nakagawa in the infamous Battle Royale (she also had a cameo in Battle Royale 2, but I'm doing my best to pretend that particular movie never happened).

Saikano is currently being released in North America by VIZ.

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