Michael Moore's a Sicko. Or At Least His Next Film Is.

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Michael Moore has announced that his next film - to be titled 'Sicko' - will be tackling the American healtch care system and is currently doing the rounds at the Toronto Film Festival looking for financial backers. Given the massive box office done by Bowling For Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 that should take him all of about five minutes.

Q: "Who wants to finance my film?"
A: "Me! Me! Me!"

Moore describes the motivation for the film this way:

“I just don’t understand why one of the richest countries on the earth allows 44 million of its people no help when they are sick. It’s a human right. Every other country on this planet has some form of system that says you have a right to see a doctor if you get sick. So the film would look at the lack of the healthcare system in the US, at the insurance companies, the big hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies. It will be 90 minutes of punishment for these corporations and politicians who have put us in this situation.”

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