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Toronto 2023 Review: LAST SUMMER, Sex and Power in the Heat of the Season

While it's unusual for an auteur like Catherine Breillat to remake another, recent film, it's not a surprise, in this case, given the subject: sex and power. The filmmaker behind daring works (to say the least) such as Anatomy of...

Cannes 2023 Review: THE OTHER LAURENS, Deadpan Belgian Neo-Noir with Visual Flair

Olivier Rabourdin and Louise Leroy star; Claude Schmitz directed.

Venice 2013 Dispatch, Last Day: Jun Kunimura Rocks The UNFORGIVEN Japanese Remake

Bookmakers are saying that Tsai Ming-liang's Stray Dogs is now the frontrunner to win the Golden Lion choosen by the international jury headed by Bernardo Bertolucci. Second on the classification is Miyazaki's The Wind Rises, while the third position goes...