THE LEGEND OF MEXMAN Trailer: A Creative Soul Faces Obstacles, Inside And Out

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THE LEGEND OF MEXMAN Trailer: A Creative Soul Faces Obstacles, Inside And Out
The Legend of Mexman, directed by Josh Polon, is world premiering at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Friday, February 17th.
We are pleased to premiere the trailer for this documentary, one that is more than just about the struggles of indie filmmaking, but one that delves deeper into a unique and creative mind such as the subject of this doc, Germán Alonso. The Legend of Mexman is a story of the external and internal struggles facing this creative soul. 
Germán Alonso is a talented young Mexican-American filmmaker from South El Monte, Los Angeles, who is on the brink — obsessed with nothing but filmmaking for his entire life. After receiving acclaim for his inventive and phantasmagorical live action & animated short films, he’s now ready to direct his first feature: a sci-fi epic starring his immigrant superhero character, MEXMAN. 
A high‐powered Hollywood producer promises financing if Germán and his team can complete some assignments and prove they’re worthy of his trust. Plagued by epic struggles inside his immensely creative mind, an elusive romantic quest, straining relationships with his producers, and tensions with a documentary crew, Germán's Hollywood Dream threatens to slip out of sight.  
Both a love letter to the passionate, creative thrill-ride of indie filmmaking and a sensitive exploration of obsession, artistic process, and the highs and lows of mental health struggles.
THE LEGEND OF MEXMAN documents a universal tale of dreaming and pushing courageously in the face of great odds: in film, in love, and in a fascinating young man’s own mind and soul.
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