Blood Window 2022: LatAm Genre Co-Pro Launches NFT Awards in Partnership With

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Blood Window 2022: LatAm Genre Co-Pro Launches NFT Awards in Partnership With
We’ve been apologetically quiet about Blood Window for no other reason than the stress of regular life during the holiday season this year in particular pretty much took up all available time and energy. Terrible because a couple of my friends have had projects in this year’s market and I would have liked to have done more than shoot them a quick word of encouragement through Whatsapp. Regardless, here we are with a bit of news as Blood Window and Ventana Sur near the end of a week’s festivities in Buenos Aires.
Blood Window and are launching an original NFT collection, based on the works of local artist, the stupidly talented Flavio Greco Paglia. I have equaly praised and sworn at Paglia over the years for his work. I mean, fuck, just look at this year's main artwork to the left here. Damnit that's awesome. 
These NFTs will be awarded to winners of the 2022 Blood Window Awards. 
Blood Window and Launch Original NFT Collection 
The film showcase event Blood Window partners with -  the world’s first filmmaking industry DAO, to award 15 prized NFT’s created by Flavio Greco Paglia, a world-renowned fantasy and horror artist whose artwork has been created for acclaimed directors such as James Wan and Demian Ruga.
In partnership with, the Blood Window Award NFT’s are digital collectibles of 15 original pieces created by famed artist Flavio Greco Paglia - recognized worldwide for his mind-bending illustrations within the science fiction and horror genre. These NFT’s developed by live on the Ethereum blockchain, and have been exclusively reserved for the winners of the 2022 Blood Window Awards. 
“True to our mission of empowering filmmakers around the world with intuitive, easy to use tools, the NFT studio is our most recent leap forward towards realizing our goal. Currently in private beta, our NFT studio makes launching your own custom NFT series as simple as a few clicks of the mouse, allowing all creators to propel their ideas forward with exciting innovations and beautiful art” - says co-creator Chris J. Davis.  
Blood Window is the leading Latin American fantastic film market that takes place within the framework of Ventana Sur from November 28th to December 2nd, and includes a showcase of films in both post-production and market- premiere status. The event fosters filmmakers and explores their potential through the support of professionals specialized in the horror and fantasy genre, promoting ibero-american talents within the film festival and film market communities. There will be a selection of projects within the early financing stage in need of strategic partners and resources chosen to win the 2022 Blood Window Awards. 
Governed by the world’s first filmmaking industry DAO, is the most powerful decentralized filmmaking ecosystem placing Hollywood decision-making onto the blockchain and into the hands of filmmakers and fans.’s platform allows filmmakers to submit projects as proposals, build audiences and receive market validation, expanding access to funding and licensing. They empower fans to vote on films by staking’s native FAN Governance Token to projects they support, and allows film investors, studios and streamers to scout market-validated projects with pre-developed audiences and analytics. 
“NFT’s and blockchain are enabling creators new avenues to get their project greenlit and open up a whole new world to their fans,” said co-creator Orlando Pedregoda - “a world of creative freedom, collaboration, and monetization of ever expanding dimensions.” 
Along with Blood Window’s routine prizes for films entered in the post production and development categories, representatives of the awarded productions will each receive one completely original Blood Window Award digital collectible NFT they can access through their digital wallet. Up to 15 unique pieces elaborated by Flavio Greco Paglia will be awarded.
“We believe that this unprecedented initiative at industry events and film festivals will help Latin American filmmakers approach the use of blockchain technology in order to foster the development of new audiovisual projects.” - Javier Fernandez Cuarto, coordinator of the Blood Window program at Ventana Sur. 
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