American Film Market 2022: A Dozen Cool Flicks in the Pipeline

Contributor; Toronto

The 2022 edition of the American Film Market -- its first in-person event in three years -- came to an end last week, giving us film enthusiasts a sneak peek at certain titles of interest circling just around the bend.

Some market films were fortunate enough to land distribution deals, or at least sell key territories, during the week. Others will take a bit longer to find their way to a theater near you, or, considering the post-apocalyptic reality of the industry, on a VOD platform that by design couldn't possibly be nearer to you.

But, regardless of their successes at this year's AFM festival, rest assured, here are a dozen cool-looking titles from the market that you can expect to enjoy at some point during 2023.

The Forbidden Play

J-horror die-hards will be pleased to see the return of Ringu and Dark Water director Hideo Nakata with The Forbidden Play, a supernatural haunt about a young woman being terrorized by the ghost of a colleague’s recently deceased wife. Although the cast is yet to be announced, the Toei-produced film is currently in post-production and set for a 2023 release.

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