HONEYCOMB Trailer: Lo-Fi Remote Horror as Girls Find Their Magic

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HONEYCOMB Trailer: Lo-Fi Remote Horror as Girls Find Their Magic

I couldn't be happier that we might be entering a golden age of films and television shows about girls gone wild - and I mean *truly* gone wild, alone in the wilderness, a danger to themselves and each other, finding their power and magic in the most brilliant and terrifying ways. From the wilds of British Columbia to Slamdance, comes Honeycomb, the debut feature from 21-year-old filmmaker Avalon Fast.

Five small-town girls abandon their mundane lives and move into an abandoned cabin. Growing increasingly isolated, their world becomes filled with imagined rituals and rules but the events of one summer night threaten to abruptly end their age of innocence forever.

Filmed almost three years ago, it's got a wonderful DIY vibe, the kind that allows for a kind essential and direct storytelling that is too often lost in the fight for gloss. It screens at Slamdance this year, and you can watch the trailer below.

(Also, did you know you can get Slamdance virtual pass for US$10 and watch from anywhere in the world? Seriously, there is no better festival deal out there, so get on it).

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