CREEPY BITS! Canadian Horror Web Series Launches This Friday!

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CREEPY BITS! Canadian Horror Web Series Launches This Friday!

David J Fernandes. A quick search will reveal that we have written about this local director for a very long time and its been too long since we've last done that. Fernandes is here to make amends with a new web series called Creepy Bits! that launches on Friday across a multitude of digital platforms (YouTubeInstagramTik TokFacebook and Vimeo). Every Friday we will get a new horror short from Fernandes and company, culminating on Halloween night!

Fernandes was kind enough to send over a bevy of stills as well. Check out the trailer and the gallery down below. 

Chapter 1: Baby Face  9pm - Friday, Sep 24, 2021
Chapter 2: Occupied  9pm - Friday, Oct 1, 2021
Chapter 3: Special Guest 9pm - Friday, Oct 8, 2021
Chapter 4: The Gift 9pm - Friday, Oct 15, 2021
Chapter 5: Pitter Patter 9pm - Friday, Oct 22, 2021
Chapter 6: Soul Sucker  9pm - Sunday, Oct 31, 2021

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