DISTRICT 9's Neill Blomkamp Made a Secret Supernatural Horror This Summer

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DISTRICT 9's Neill Blomkamp Made a Secret Supernatural Horror This Summer
Huh. Deadline is reporting that Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9, Chappie and Elysium, quietly made a supernatural horror flick over on the west coast of Canada this past Summer. 
According to the report Blomkamp was all set to shoot an action-thriller called The Inferno but, you know, plague happened and the large production was put on hold. Undeterred Blomkamp gathered a local crew and talent and ran around British Columbia, under on set Covid-protocals, shooting this mystery movie. 
Plot details are being kept under wraps on the project but we hear it is something the filmmaker had always wanted to make and is expected to be finished around spring next year.
The cast is largely made up of Canadian actors and there is said to be a strong sci-fi and VFX component in keeping with Blomkamp’s previous three movies.
Blomkamp is still a director whose name makes our ears perk up whenever we hear it. He's been caught in feature film limbo for the last little while but his work on his Oats Studios YouTube channel is terrific stuff and had kept us mindful of what he is capable of creating. 
The mystery project is expected to be completed in the Spring. 
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