Now on Blu-ray: Severin Films Delivers Filth To Your Doorstep With ROBOWAR, THE BEAST IN HEAT, & NIGHT KILLER

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Severin Films is one of the most reliable purveyors of high-quality trash on the planet right now, and their latest trio of releases for July is no exception. Today we're looking at three of the sleaziest exploitation films out there with Bruno Mattei's Robowar, Luigi Batzella's The Beast in Heat, and Claudio Fragasso's Night Killer. Check out the details below

Trash master Bruno Mattei would like to ask you what if Robocop took place in the jungle, and also it wasn't Robocop but Predator, but then later actually Robocop? Are you interested yet?

Robowar is one of Mattei's most beloved ripoffs with good reason. It takes the high concept of John McTiernan's 1987 Predator and dumbs it way down with a cast that included the shoutiest actor ever to live, Reb Brown. Brown and his team go into the jungle on a rescue mission, but soon themselves on the business end of a bunch of goddamned lasers being fired from a secret government project that looks like a full grown man in one of those Halloween costumes you used to buy in a bag at a convenience store back in the '70s. It is glorious trash and I want to live inside of this movie forever.

Big ass men fire big ass guns into big ass trees and occasionally each other on repeat for ninety-one minutes. It's my idea of heaven.

Mattei was no stranger to quick turnaround ripoffs, having completed the equally mind-bending Shocking Dark just a year prior to Robowar, but this is perhaps his finest achievement. Insane dialogue, characters dumber than a sack full of nickels, and explosions aplenty make Robowar A-plus material for any film fan looking to get their rocks off.

The Disc:

Never before available (legally) in the United States, Robowar makes it's home video debut in a startlingly good 4K restoration from the original negative with both Italian and English language audio tracks. I can't imagine Robowar ever looked this good, even in the cinema, and Severin Films deserve a Nobel prize for this contribution to arts culture. As if it wasn't enough to bring this pristine edition to the market, Severin overloads the disc with bonus material, including interviews with co-writers Claudio Fragasso and Rosella Drudi, performers Catherine Hickland, John P Dulaney, Jim Gaines, Jr., and Massimo Vanni, along with a fun reel of Hickland's original behind the scenes home movies.

Robowar is a goddamned gem of a motion picture, and it belongs in any self-respecting cinephile's collection.

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