Crowdfund This: MURDER BURY WIN Takes a "Stab" at Board Games

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Crowdfund This: MURDER BURY WIN Takes a "Stab" at Board Games

Nary a human being on the planet can escape the craft (and sometimes wrath) of the board game. From the agony and ectasy of a slumber party Sorry, to the shores of Scrabble and the battlefields of Risk, the art of the board game runs deep in the annals of competition, commradrie, and yes, on occasion (as Clue has taught us well)... Murder!

For those in need of their stories on the board and on the screen to reflect such macabre states of mind, filmmaker Michael Lovan assures you something wicked is indeed coming this way, with his dark comedic thriller Murder Bury Win, now in post-production.

Starring Erich Lane, from Netflix's Dear White People, and Craig Cackowski of Veep, and featuring a score by Room 237 composers Jonathan Snipes & David Rothbaum, director Lovan describes his feature film debut as "a cautionary tale about the measures people are willing to take to win."

This movie is about three young dreamers that want to strike it big in the indie board game industry with their game - Murder Bury Win. The objective of their game being how to kill someone and get rid of the body.
They run a crowdfunding campaign online - and fail. And just when they think they have no shot of ever realizing success - along comes a mysterious man who says he can publish Murder Bury Win - on the condition that he is credited as the sole author of their game.
Lovan and his talented cast and crew have started up a Kickstarter campaign of their own to help put the finishing touches on their film. Initially seeking support for sound design, mix and color, they are currently gaining ground on their stretch goals that will take care of festival submission costs and travel. 
Now for those that have been wondering... yes indeed, Murder Bury Win is not just a movie, it is also a fully operational board game! Naturally, the game itself is one of the perks you can snag if you decide to support some honest-to-goodness DIY filmmaking. Nifty I say! Damn nifty.
So check out the teaser trailer and campaign video embedded below, and if so inclined head on over to the filmmakers' Kickstarter for the full scoop.  



Murder Bury Win - teaser trailer from Michael Lovan on Vimeo.

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