Watch Tim Egan's CURVE and Treat Yourself to a Masterclass in Suspense

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Watch Tim Egan's CURVE and Treat Yourself to a Masterclass in Suspense

Hot on the heels of Rob Savage’s Dawn of the Deaf online audiences are once again treated to a stellar short, completely free of charge! This time terror hails from Australia and takes the guise of Tim Egan’s Curve. The set-up is simple: a sloping surface, a pitch-black abyss, an unknown woman (Laura Jane Turner), clasping on for dear life. Where the hell is she? Who dropped her there, and why? And what on earth is that monstrous screech emanating from deep below?

Having screened in virtually every country in the world and having won awards in most of them (most recently, one week ago at the Transylvania International Film Festival), Curve marks the arrival of a new master of horror. I previously raved about Egan’s work and deemed it a “tightly edited nightmare” that “wastes not a single, merciless shot”.

If in 2016 I called it “the year’s strongest testament to the combined potency of ‘show, don’t tell’ and ‘less is more’”, I still think that assessment holds true for 2017 as well.

But don’t take my word for it. Crank up the volume and experience the “elegantly simplistic nail-biter” below.

Be sure to check back in later for a ScreenAnarchy interview with director Tim Egan.

CURVE from Lodestone Films on Vimeo.

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