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An Award-Winning Documentary Film Raising Awareness To Violence Against Women Has Its East Coast Premiere at The Greenwich International Film Festival

Karynne Summars
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An Award-Winning Documentary Film Raising Awareness To Violence Against Women Has Its East Coast Premiere at The Greenwich International Film Festival

EMMY award-winning LA based filmmaker Sophia Kruz paints a gripping realistic picture of crimes against women with her inspirational feature-length documentary film entitled “Little Stones”.  The title comes from suffragist and women’s rights activist Alice Paul’s 1974 quote, “I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic. Each of us puts in one little stone.”

Taking viewers to Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, India and the U.S., the thought-provoking film shows us that some hero women mentors are able to make a difference for those who have been suffering from domestic violence, female genital mutilation and sex trafficking.

The film, which was written, produced and directed by Sophia Kruz and co-produced by cinematographer Meena Singh with music by Amritha Vaz, is expertly done and a must see. Although it leads us into a cruel world most of us can hardly fathom, it also shows how with the help of amazing women artists the exploited women may find peace and healing through their mentors.

The film follows U.S. fashion designer Anna Taylor, who uses the proceeds of her clothing company to train impoverished Kenyan women how to sew so they can become independent and support themselves, Sengalese rap singer Sister Fa, who lives in Berlin with her German husband and travels to Africa to raise awareness to female genital mutilation with her performances about that subject, Indian dance movement therapist Sohini Chakraborty whose gentle dance therapy is designed to heal women who have been victims of sex trafficking, and Brazilian graffiti artist Panmela Castro, an amazing talent competing in Rio’s male-dominated graffiti artist world. Panmela went through domestic violence at a time when Brazil did not have a law against it. It was finally enacted in 2006, two years after her ordeal. She tells her emotional story in this riveting film while showing audiences what an amazing artist she has become with the strokes of just a paint can.

As motivational as all these hero mentors and their amazing works are, it is just a drop in the bucket of the ongoing violence against women in the world. Sophia’s film can make a difference given the right amount of exposure. Join the revolution and support her film so it can be the beacon of hope for all the women in the world still suffering.

“Little Stones” is already making waves after its World Premiere at the Vail Film Festival, where it won the award of Best Documentary. The film will make its East Coast Premiere at the Greenwich International Film Festival on June 2 with a second screening on June 4, 2017. For further information, please watch the below trailer and visit the “Little Stones” website:

About the Greenwich International Film Festival

The Greenwich International Film Festival (GIFF) was founded by Carina Crain, Colleen deVeer and Wendy Stapleton Reyes to bridge the worlds of film, finance and philanthropy. It features 60 events including film premieres and screenings, educational panels, networking events, parties and more.

The mission of the GIFF is to provide filmmakers with an effective platform to showcase their work with the goal of finding financing opportunities for future projects. Additionally, GIFF harnesses the power of film to serve the greater good by highlighting an important cause each year. The 2017 GIFF will take place from June 1 to June 4, 2017.

For further information about the GIFF,  please visit the following website:


LITTLE STONES Official Trailer from Driftseed on Vimeo.

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