LEGEND OF KOLOVRAT: Watch The Trailer For This Russian Epic

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LEGEND OF KOLOVRAT: Watch The Trailer For This Russian Epic
Dang. Russians make some prudy cinema, don't they? It is no wonder that they do not make the international festival rounds. Bet these look good on a big screen. 
Take a look at this trailer for an upcoming historical epic called Legend of Kolovrat. Sure it borrows from the pages of the 300 films but who isn't game for a good dose of forged steel and tales of the little guys showing the big ones who is boss now and again. 
XIII Century. Russia is falling apart and is about to fall on his knees in front of Batu Khan of the Golden Horde. Incinerating the city of Ryazan and staining the land with it's peoples blood, the invaders do not meet serious resistance, Only one warrior challenges them. Young warrior from Ryazan,Yevpaty Kolovrat, leads a squad to take revenge for their loved ones and for their country. His courage will amaze even the Batu and his name will forever remain in the memory of the Russian people. A warrior with two swords and a handful of desperate men of courage, against all the Mongol army. He became a legend. His feat has been preserved in our minds for centuries.
Legend of Kolovrat is produced by Dzhanik Fayziev (Admiral and August.Eighth). We have included a couple links in case one may be dodgy over the other. Enjoy! 
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Legend of Kolovrat

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Native TexanSeptember 10, 2016 9:39 PM

I'm not certain what's going on as I don't understand the language.. but I do like the genre.