HOLIDAYS: Trailer Hits And Release Date Announced For Horror Anthology

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HOLIDAYS: Trailer Hits And Release Date Announced For Horror Anthology

Ah, the holidays. We're supposed to love them but if we're being honest they're just as often hideous as they are happy. And that's the beasic premise behind Holidays, the upcoming horror anthology project featuring new work from Kevin Smith, Gary Shore, Scott Stewart, Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer, Sarah Adina Smith, Nicholas McCarthy, Adam Egypt Mortimer and Anthony Scott Burns.

Set to premiere at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival the official Holidays trailer has just arrived along with news of an unusual release strategy, one that will see it hit VOD and digital platforms - including iTunes and the Google Play store globally - on April 15th, just one day following its festival premiere, before starting a platform theatrical run on April 22nd.

Check out the trailer below!

[On a bit of a side note here, it is worth pointing out that XYZ Films - for which I carry fancy business cards with a long official title - have been involved with this one just about from inception which mean, yes, I have had some tangential involvement personally right from the beginning, though I'm not one of the leads on it. And we're excited about the release strategy here. The frustration for audiences around the world being forced to wait for legal releases in their territories when the technology obviously exists to get it out there everywhere to everyone simultaneously is obvious and legitimate. As far as we can tell this is the first time someone has ever tried to release an indie this way and if you've got any thoughts on the model or how to improve it I would seriously love to hear from you in the comments section below. It's become increasingly obvious over the past several years that traditional release models are badly broken for an increasingly large number of films and we're trying to work out a better way to do it and it's only actually better if it suits the needs and desires of the audience, so please weigh in!]

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