Morbido 2015: Watch Gigi Saul Guerrero's Opening Ceremony Video PALOMA

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Morbido 2015: Watch Gigi Saul Guerrero's Opening Ceremony Video PALOMA
Okay. So Morbido came to a close last night and I am already back home in Toronto and dipping into the varieties of Mezcal I brought back with me. 

Hint. They vary by the numbers of worms at the bottom of their bottles. 

But seeing as it is Dia De Los Muertos today, Mexican Canadian filmmaker Gigi Saul Gurrero (El Gigante and Madre de Dios) let me know earlier today that she has made her short music video, Paloma, available online to celebrate this significant day in Mexican culture.

"Luchagore Productions is pleased to present Paloma, a deadly treat to your Dia De Los Muertos celebration. 

Paloma is the embodiment of Mexican traditions and deep respect for La Muerte.

"This year Paloma was the opening video and sound for Morbido Fest 2015, an elegant and very Mexican piece. The right way to start!" - said Pablo Guisa (Festival Director/CEO at Morbido).

Enjoy this video, and let you should be lulled and your blood chilled by Shadan Saul Guerrero's haunting voice." 

The short music video opened the opening ceremonies at Morbido back on Tuesday and feature Gurrero's sister, Shadan Saul Guerrero, belting out a song then haunting us with her stare. 

Turn it all the way up!
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