ScreenAnarchy Readers! Go See ROOM For Free

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ScreenAnarchy Readers! Go See ROOM For Free

One of the knockout hits on this Fall's festival circuit has been Lenny Abrahamson's Brie Larson-starring Room. With a seemingly bleak premise, the film succeeds wildly at capturing an incredible perspective and doing it in an emotional and uplifting way. As Jason Gorber put it in his recent review:

To its immense credit, both the storyline and tone set by Room is the farthest thing away from being a mere exploitation film (not, it should be noted, that being exploitational is always a bad thing). Yet this is clearly a film that aims for more, and it's all the more remarkable that it manages to achieve its lofty goals.

Room is coming to theaters November 6, but the good folks at A24 want ScreenAnarchy readers to see it first as part of a special sneak peek next Weds. October 24 if you can get to one of the following cities to do so:

San Diego
San Francisco
Washington DC

If you'd like a free pair of tickets, just head over to this site right here and sign up. It's that easy! And don't forget to come back and tell us what you thought.

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cjohnstonOctober 19, 2015 2:19 PM

this film Looks like EVERYthing that I'm interested in.., savvy, Good cast, Competent acting, believable, Impressive story, solid direction, et al.

Unfortunately though, i'm not near ANY of these cities..... :/
..Here's hoping that i don't have to hop on an airplane to Chicago......................
...Is November 6th a WIDE release for this or is it just going to be for big mega large metropolitan areas .?

Not to ...............make too much of a fracas here; ..but that's unfortunately exactly what happened with The Tribe..