Why Don't You Play In Blood?! New Stills From Sono's WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL?

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It's been a while since Todd originally reviewed this kickass film at TIFF 2013, but Why Don't You Play in Hell? is finally coming our way and its meta, movie-making madness will be unleashed on the masses! As Todd put it, Sion Sono's latest is a "genre masher that incorporates yakuza film, martial arts, liberal doses of blood, slapstick comedy and some earnest opining on the power and value of cinema delivered in a very goofy package."

In other words, it's fucking awesome. For further proof we've acquired some bloody fun stills to show you from our friends at Drafthouse Films.

Why Don't You Play in Hell?
 hits cinemas and VOD on November 7. Check out the poster here and the trailer here.

A young Michiko (Nanoka Hara) slides across the bloody floor of her home in a rather dramatic way.

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