GANGSTER PAYDAY Gets A Trailer And A Nice Picture Gallery

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In Lee Po-Cheung's comedy action drama Gangster Payday, an aging hoodlum decides to go straight and invest his time and money in a teahouse. When the teahouse stands in the way of a development project, and a rival gang is used to strongarm everyone off the premises, a war threatens to break out.

Premiering in China this November but already viewable at the Busan festival this week, Gangster Payday stars Anthony Wong as the old gangster, with Charlene Choi and Wong You-nam in supporting roles. We have a trailer and a gallery, and it looks to be a classy and polished affair indeed.

The gallery and trailer below show Anthony Wong laughing, crying, worrying and fighting, and frankly that is enough to make me very happy already. He is without doubt one of the best and most compelling actors currently alive, and he'd give his all even when reading a phonebook out loud, if need be...
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