Crowdfund This: ACTRESS, One Woman's Performance Off Screen... On Screen

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Crowdfund This: ACTRESS, One Woman's Performance Off Screen... On Screen
Robert Greene is one of those filmmakers who may seem to the casual viewer to dabble in different parts of the making of a film. To others he's one of those cinematic polyglot types. The editor of Alex Ross Perry's heady and acerbic Listen Up Philip, Greene is also the director of Actress, the film we're talking about today, which is about his neighbor Brandy Burre.

Brandy had a reoccurring role on HBO's The Wire, until she decided to set aside acting for family. Actress is the film that Robert and Brandy began to create around her desire to return to the world of performance she left behind. When our own Dusting Chang previewed the film for his article on the Art of The Real, the festival where the film premiered last spring, he had this to say on the film and Burre: "It couldn't be any more special than a Lifetime channel movie. But that's just it. Because she is a real person, not an actress, it is quite compelling."

A similar sentiment has been pinned to the film throughout its year on the festival circuit, with Greene himself citing it as "a direct cinema melodrama."

So why even talk about crowdfunding for a film that has been made, and is seemingly out there? That'd be because of the final hurdles in post-production, something that is often not done for indies until even after festival play. Actress needs to clear music rights, get a final color and sound mix, and finally a DCP. Yep. While the film has a distribution deal with the hep cats at Cinema Guild, Greene and company need just a few more bucks to get all that in order so the film can be released theatrically starting November 7th.

Their Seed&Spark campaign has just a little over 2 days left, and they're shy about $1,500 of their $15,000 goal. That's 88% of a 100%. I.E. Very, very close.

To give 'em a leg up, please first head over to the campaign page and get a load of their pitch video, then get to it!
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