Guillermo del Toro Opens Up His Private CABINET OF CURIOSITIES

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Oh for joy! If I had one single Halloween wish, it would be to hang out with one of my favorite living directors, Guillermo del Toro, and be given free reign to run around his creative headquarters, known as Bleak House. I can think of nothing more fun than being given free reign to play with all his crazy cool stuff, and peruse his many private notebooks, which are full of illustrations and notes pertaining to his work in film, and otherwise.

The man is a maelstrom of creative energy, and the lightning bolts that constantly strike out from his imagination are a continuous joy to me, and now much of that hair raising, eyeball frying goodness has been captured, gathered, and contained within the pages of the new collection Guillermo del Toro - Cabinet Of Curiosities.

Hitting shelves Oct. 29, just in time for Halloween. Mr. del Toro and co-writer Marc Scott Zicree (author of The Twilight Zone Companion, and scripter of episodes for Star Trek TNG, Star Treek DS9, and Babylon 5, among others) first take us through the private headquarters, Bleak House, a sanctuary full of paintings, statues, books, and other paraphernalia, where the maestro goes to let his creative juices flow and set the brilliant madness loose to run amok. It's his mad scientist's lair, his sanctuary, and now we get a firsthand view.

The second section of the book concentrates on the legendary and insanely beautiful notebooks del Toro has put together over the years. For each film, he has a tome full of scribblinga, thoughts, characters, drawings, all which outline and realize his musings and help form them from ideas to reality. I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing one of these notebooks on display at the Seattle Science Fiction Museum as part of their on-going horror exhibit, and trust me, these diaries are as much an achievement as the work they diagram. And again, we now get a firsthand view.

Co-writer Zicree also conducts a series of one-on-one discussions with the big, cuddly, and gorgeously psychotic auteur throughout the book as well, so next to actually spending a day at Bleak House, hosted by the man himself, Guillermo del Toro - Cabinet Of Curiosities is the best thing a fan of GdT could wish for. A private hang out session with one of cinemas living geniuses, all in the form of a beautifully rendered and bound tome.
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