Behind The Scenes Shots From James Lee's Teen Horror

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Behind The Scenes Shots From James Lee's Teen Horror
Malaysian director James Lee never stops working. Never. And he seemingly has never met a genre that he's not game to tackle at least once or twice, either, his filmography a hugely varied affair ranging from acclaimed indie arthouse fare to gangster dramas to comedies to action and teen horror. And he's headed back to the teen horror world for the first time since his ultra bloody tour de force, Histeria.

Lee has wrapped principal photography on his latest effort, one that combines elements of I Know What You Did Last Summer and The Ring. Titled - at least for the time being, we'll see what the corporate monster thinks of the name - the picture revolves around a mysterious girl (Suntii) who friends people on the social networking behemoth. Accept her friend request, however, and Suntii proves to be something of an angry supernatural force bringing her new 'friends' to a grisly end. It's up to others in the circle to piece together Suntii's history and why she is choosing her targets.

With photography wrapped, Lee has posted a generous assortment of behind the scenes shots to his Facebook page. We've compiled a gallery of our favorites below. Remember you can click 'em to make 'em big.
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