Studio Ghibli's FROM UP ON POPPY HILL Australian Trailer Adds Subtitles

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Studio Ghibli's FROM UP ON POPPY HILL Australian Trailer Adds Subtitles

Released in its native Japan last year, Studio Ghibli's From Up on Poppy Hill (AKA Kokuriko-Zaka Kara), directed by Goro Miyazaki, will be playing at the upcoming Reel Anime Festival in Sydney, Australia in September. And so a new trailer has been released with English subtitles.

The "new" trailer is nearly identical to the "old" trailer, save for the subtitles and more dialogue made audible, with the theme song shifted more into the background, but it's good reminder for those of us who are still waiting for the film to hit our shores. In the U.S., the film won't be coming out until March 2013, though it will reportedly get some kind of limited theatrical engagement before the end of this year in order to qualify for awards consideration.

When it played at the Toronto International Film Festival, our own Todd Brown filed a review, in which he said in part:

A beautifully artful, wistfully nostalgic coming of age romance, From Up On Poppy Hill is the second feature film directed by Goro Miyazaki, son of the legendary Hayao Miyazaki. As was the case with his first effort Poppy Hill will suffer to a certain degree thanks to the family name - the expectations brought on by being a Miyazaki are simply enormous - but this should find a greater degree of praise.

You can read Todd's review in its entirety. And in the meantime, watch the trailer.

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