Action Packed Teaser For Christian E Christiansen's ID:A

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Action Packed Teaser For Christian E Christiansen's ID:A

Denmark's Christian E Christiansen had something of a surprise Hollywood hit with The Roommate earlier this year, his English language horror picture quietly earning back more than double its production budget at the US box office alone. And while that picture was performing strongly here Christiansen was back home in Denmark hard at work on his upcoming thriller ID:A.

Aliena wakes up in a river in France with no memory, a bag with 2 million Euro and a scar across her chest. She soon discovers that she is being stalked by mysterious men. Realizing that her accent is Danish she decides to go to Denmark and find out who she is. Aliena gradually learns that her past life was more complicated than she first thought. She is wrapped into a web of conflicting stories from her loved ones, trying to navigate her way to the truth. ID:A is a gripping and intense story with a human resonate, set in dark overgrown gardens, dollhouse-like interiors and streets with noir touch.
With a November release date approaching in Denmark the first teaser for the film has just arrived and it is high energy, action packed stuff. Check it out below.

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