Stop playing with your balls and watch the BEACH SPIKE trailer!

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Stop playing with your balls and watch the BEACH SPIKE trailer!
What's the best way to stop your favourite beach being bulldozed and turned into a luxury property development? Get Lo Meng to teach you beach volleyball of course! From the creative masterminds behind last year's SHADOWGUARD (the directorial debut trainwreck from Michael Biehn), producer Bey Logan wisely readjusts his sights this time out, opting for the more low-key yet infinitely more market-friendly formula of Chrissie Chau and a group of similarly curvaceous young lasses jumping around in their bikinis.

The film co-stars the ubiquitous Lam Suet as well as SHADOWGUARD star Phoenix Valen and the aforementioned Lo Meng, no doubt playing a martial arts guru of sorts who'll teach these beach babes how to better themselves through repeatedly diving head first into the sand. I, for one, can't wait to see this, as let's face it, the only way is up for these guys.
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