First Look At Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley And Stephen McHattie In John Geddes' EXIT HUMANITY

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First Look At Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley And Stephen McHattie In John Geddes' EXIT HUMANITY
There's something brewing in Collingwood. The town of twenty thousand to the north west of Toronto was a popular skiing destination as a kid growing up in the area but is not much in the public consciousness beyond that. A surprising place to find a new genre film production house, then, but Collingwood is where you'll find Foresight Features.

Foresight attracted attention in these pages earlier with their upcoming horror-action-comedy Monster Brawl and they're back now with their Civil War set zombie picture Exit Humanity, written and directed by John Geddes. Just wrapped a couple weeks ago, I had the chance to visit the set about a month back and came away a) impressed b) muddy and c) stained by the makeup used to turn me into a zombie. Yep, I'm in this one.

Also in the film - and in it significantly more than my one shot - are a blend of genre veterans and newcomers. Dee Wallace and Bill Moseley have key roles, as does Canadian character actor Stephen McHattie, with the leads handled by up and comers Mark Gibson, Adam Seybold and Jordan Hayes.

With the film now entering post production the producers have passed along the first stills from the shoot. Bear in mind that these are straight out of the camera and have not yet been fully tweaked and color corrected but they'll give you a good idea of what to expect. Check the gallery below.
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